Global Insulation Solutions Company is a widely accomplished Trader of different Insulation Products. Located in Punjab (India), our company was established in the year 2012. Our product series include Thermal Insulation Material, Fiber Glass Wool, Mineral WoolCeramic WoolExtruded Polystyrene(XPS), Aluminium Foil, Aluminium Sheet, Aluminum Tape, Fiber Glass, Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Sheets, and Pipes, APP Membrane, Bitumen Primer and Paint, Fiberglass Tissue etc. With all these products we have served a number of industries including textile, glass etc. We are famous for dealing with products that are tested for quality at several levels with modern-day machinery. In addition to this, we have gained a huge success in our domain with our immensely skillful workforce.

We specialize in serving proper insulating solutions to the cold storages with the help of different insulation material as well as guiding our clients to the cost-effective solution with it saving their money space and time. Insulation to assist chilling and refrigeration of foodstuffs through the offline supply chain is a primary function of rigid polyurethane foam, rubber nitrile. thermocol fiberglass wool. Tyvek subtex (Dupont) PUF in the technical insulation segment. In food transport and delivery vehicles, discontinuous panels allow the correct temperature controlled environment to be achieved. Similar products, but on a larger scale, are used in the construction of the cold store, processing plants, and warehouses.

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